With 25 tons (22.7 mt) of onboard storage, triple pitch remix augers and 600 tph (544 mtph) discharge capacity, the E2850C keeps the paving train moving while reducing particulate and thermal segregation for smooth, long-lasting roads.


The variable speed elevator and conveyors allow the E2850C to match plant output while reducing wear. By setting chain speed to match production, the number of revolutions of the chain are reduced and larger packets of mix are carried with each slat, reducing material segregation.


The rear steer option provides an inside turning radius of 15’ (4.6 m). The crab and coordinated steering functions return to center with the auto center feature providing enhanced control on tight jobsites and when loading and unloading for transport.


The optional storage hopper management system features a proprietary sonic sensor that continuously measures the amount of material in the storage hopper. Two indicator lights allow the entire paving crew to know the material level at all times while the operator can see a percentage readout on the display.


The 24” (610 mm) shifting operating
platform and conveniently located controls
provide the operator with excellent visibility
and comfort. The paver hopper management
system maintains a set distance to the
paver while managing the material level in
the paver hopper insert. The camera system
features 4 cameras and full-color monitor.


Full-width, hydraulic drop down floors along with four clam-shell doors for ground level access to the storage hopper and remix augers provide unmatched access for daily cleanout and weekly inspections. With the
addition of the optional internal spray down system for chains and sprockets, the E2850C is designed to simplify the critical daily clean-out process.

Weight 72,500 lb (32,885 kg)
Transport Height 11’ 5” (3.48 m)
Transport Length 54’ 6” (16.61 m)
Transport Width 9’ 10” (3.0 m)
Working Height 16’ (4.88 m)
Engine Cat® C7.1 Tier 4F/Stage V
Horsepower 300 hp (223 kW)
Transport Speed (Max) 10 mph (16.1 km/hr)
Working Speed (Max) 194 fpm (59 mpm)
Conveyor Capacity 600 tph (544 mtph)
Conveyor Slat Width 36” (914 mm)
Elevator Capacity 1,000 tph (907 mtph)
Elevator Slat Width 56” (1422 mm)
Fuel Tank Capacity 150 gal (568 L)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 115 gal (435 L)
Turning Radius 15’ (4.57 m)
Tires High Flotation 21”-25” 28 ply
Ground Drive 4-Wheel Hydrostatic w/ 3 Speeds