Remixing Transfer Vehicles

Weiler innovations have transformed the material transfer vehicle market since their introduction and continue to lead the industry with new features designed to increase productivity while reducing operating costs. Weiler MTVs build upon a proven platform to ensure optimal performance, reliability and cost of ownership.

Commercial Pavers

Weiler commercial class pavers deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of applications by providing highway-class productivity in a small, maneuverable package.

Road Wideners

When it comes to placing the right amount of material at the correct grade and slope in one pass — whether on a shoulder or elsewhere — the best equipment for the job is a Weiler road widener, available in four convenient sizes capable of widening up to 14 feet.

Rock Drill

Weiler rock drills are based on long-standing, proven designs with highly productive drifter options, reliable carousel rod changer, durable and robust components and an operator friendly work environment.

Windrow Elevators

When you're searching for those smooth ride bonuses, a Weiler elevator is sure to best meet your needs. Our E650C and E550C windrow elevators offer 137-horsepower, Cat Tier 4 engines designed to handle the toughest conditions while exceeding expectations.

Soil Stabilizer

Designed for varying applications, the S200 is available with either a soil or combination rotor. The 78" (1981mm) wide drum is powered by dual planetary drive motors with a max working depth of 14" (355 mm). Auto depth set point and auto load control provide accurate and efficient operation.


Built from a lineage of market leaders for more than 70 years, the G65 dates back to 1949 and the Allis Chalmers “D”. Weiler has owned, engineered and enhanced the G65 since 2000 as the industry leading compact motor grader.


The C-Series split-drum compactors provide the compaction pressure you need, whether working on base materials or an asphalt mat. The split front drum enables the outer half of the drum to rotate faster than inner half resulting in quick work on corners and curves - without mat tearing.

Force Feed Loader

Engineered to perform in a variety of applications year-round, the E1050 picks up soil, asphalt millings, snow, debris and other windrowed materials for high production material transfer.

Tack Distributors

Designed for the commercial paving contractor, the Weiler tack distributors provide high quality construction along with simple and efficient operation for commercial job site application. Available in 250 and 500 gallon configurations.

Weiler Watch

Manage your Weiler fleet from your computer, tablet or phone with real-time diagnostics, utilization reporting, wear life calculator, machine health updates and maintenance history. Customize to your needs with custom reports, user access, groups, geofences and notifications to best fit the needs of your organization.

Blade Lights

Weiler LED Blade Lights provide durability and versatility. The dual panel provides a 210° beam spread for excellent flood lighting. The LED technology increases efficiency while reducing heat for a longer life span.