KNOXVILLE, IA - Weiler has appointed Joel Weiler as Engineering Manager for the Knoxville, Iowa-based manufacturer and elevated him to the senior management team.

Weiler joined the company in August of 2019 as Safety Manager. Weiler’s efforts reduced the company’s safety incident rate by over 50%.  He was also tasked with managing the company’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In November of 2020 Weiler assumed the role of HR Operations Manager and held that position through the end of 2022, a challenging stretch of time for the manufacturing job market. While maintaining oversight of Human Resources, he was responsible for the integration of a wire harness assembly facility in January 2022 and subsequent in-sourcing of 85% of the wire harnesses used on Weiler equipment. Upon the December 2022 completion of the company’s latest 125,000 square foot building addition, he transitioned into the role of Production Manager and led the in-sourcing of nearly 100% of Weiler’s flat steel cutting.

Starting March 4, 2024, Weiler assumed the role of Engineering Manager and is responsible for managing the engineering, service, and technical publication departments, in addition to human resources and the company’s wire harness assembly department. As a member of senior management team, he will be involved in strategic planning and setting organizational priorities to maintain the company’s long-standing focus on engineered innovation, meeting customer expectations, and being an employer of choice in the area. He also holds seats on the boards of directors for Weiler, Weiler Forestry, and the Weiler Foundation for charitable giving.

Weiler is the son of Pat Weiler, owner and founder of Weiler, and is one of three members of the second generation of the Weiler family to return to Central Iowa to join the business. "Joel has done a terrific job in his various roles with the company," said Pat Weiler.  "His passion for the customer will now be turned toward managing development of the Weiler product line. I look forward to seeing his impact on Weiler.

Weiler graduated from Iowa State University with a nutrition degree and received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Iowa. Prior to joining Weiler full time, Joel was a practicing general dentist from 2014 to 2019 while taking on project work part-time at Weiler.

About Weiler

Founded in 2000, Weiler designs and manufactures purpose-built products for the heavy highway, commercial paving and quarry markets. Weiler equipment is based on proven designs with innovative features and an exceptional dealer network to provide success for our customers.