C307A Split-Drum Compactor

C307A Split-Drum Compactor

C-Series  Weiler split-drum compactors provide the compaction pressure you need, whether working on base materials or an asphalt mat. The split front drum enables the outer half of the drum to rotate faster than inner half resulting in quick work on corners and curves - without mat tearing.

Pressurized water spray system features five (5) nozzles at front and rear to optimize coverage on drums, two 100 gallon tanks and triple-filtered system for optimal performance.

3-position pivot steering wheel and easy-to-reach controls reduce fatique while enhancing productivity and safety.

Optional Equipment

  • Air suspension seat
  • Dual water pump
  • Cat water mat
  • Work lights
Height 271 cm (106.7")
Length 472 cm (185.7")
Width 152 cm (63.6")
Ground Clearance 29 cm (11.25")
Wheel Base 335 cm (132")
Rear Drum Diameter 135 cm (53")
Front Drum Width 127 cm (50")
Rear Drum Width 127 cm (50")
Front Drum Oscillation (each way) 21
Front Drum Oscillation in Maximum Turn (Each Way) 2
Maximum Turn Angle (Each Way) 45°
Inside Turning Radius 12' 6"
Outside Turning Radius 19' 9"
Engine Cat 3.4B Tier 4
HP 55 kW (74 hp)
Fuel Capacity (gal) 159 L (42 gal)
Low Range Speed (mph) 8.4 kph (5.25 mph)
High Range Speed (mph) 16.9 kph (10.5 mph)
Hydraulic Tank Capactiy 87 L (23 gal)
Pump Type Closed Loop
Motor Type Radial Piston
Water Pump Type Diaphram
Tank Fill Filtration 100 Mesh
Suction Filtration 100 Mesh
Nozzle Quantity 5 frt, 5 rear
Tank Capacity 756 L (200 gal)