W530A Road Widener

W530A Road Widener

The W530A self-propelled road widener, with its 120-hp engine, is capable of widening roads from one to 10 feet with a working depth ranging from 12 inches above grade to 12 inches below grade. This unit has many of the same features and components as its larger counter part, the W730B. Even though it has the same big widener features as the W730B, it can easily be put into a transport configuration of 120” wide.

The large-capacity receiving hopper has a 9-foot 4-inch opening with a hydraulic dump lip for cleanout after each truck load to help reduce hand work. The chain-driven belt provides a positive drive and keeps the belt straight in line. This heavy-duty, self-propelled road widener is designed to handle a variety of widening applications and materials.

Optional Features

  • All wheel drive and steering
  • Rear steer
  • Truck hitch
  • Hydraulically raised and lowered front hopper
  • Hydraulically extendable push roller
  • Full enclosed cab w/ heat and A/C
  • LED strobe light
  • Wash down group
  • 10' broom
  • Work lights
  • Remote strike-off control
  • 2,300 lb. counterweight
  • Hydraulic 12 kW generator
  • Grade and slope prep group

Paving Tool Packages

  • Opposite side hydraulics
  • 1', 2', 3', 6' strike-off tool
  • 2' - 3' adjustable strike-off tool
  • 3' - 5' adjustable strike-off tool
Weight 26,000 lbs (11794 kg)
Opt. Rear Weight 2,300 lbs each (1043 Kg)
Engine Cat 3.4 120 hp (89 kW) Tier 4f
Height 91" (2388 mm)
Length 264" (6706 mm)
Transport Width 118" (2997 mm)
Wheel Base 130" (3302 mm)
Inside Turning Radius 15' 6" Std. 8' w/ opt. rear steer (4.7m, 2.4m)
Hydraulic Drive Front Wheel Hydrostatic, 2-speed motor, 2-speed gearbox
Steering 2-Wheel Std., 4-Wheel Opt.
Transport Speed 12 MPH (19 kph)
Working Speed 0-830 fpm (0-253 m/m), 0-400 fpm (0-122 m/m), 0-208 fpm (0-63 m/m)
Tires 4-385/65R22.5
Fuel Tank Capacity 74 Gal (280L)
Oil Tank Capacity 60 Gal (227L)
Conveyor Belt Drive Chain
Conveyor Shift 6" Left or right (152 mm)
Conveyor Belt Speed 0-400 fpm (122 m/m)
Working Depth 12" Above and below grade
Strike Off Tools 25" Tall (635 mm) Comes std. w/ 1' (0.3m), 2' (0.6m) & 3' (0.9m), Opt 6' (1.8m), 2-3' adjustable (.6m, .9m) & 3'-5' adj. (0.9m - 1.5m)
Control Panel All controls and gauges on single control panel that easily shifts from side to side w/ USB port
Lights Standard flashing lights and brake lights